• Hi,

    Total Noob to OMV 've never learn linuxand Linux here so please forgive all my stupid questions.

    I have a HP DL380P gen 8 to replace my ancient Thecus for a number of reasons.

    After a bit of digging I opted for OMV as it got good write ups and is based on full Linux (I've had trouble with FreeBSD based stuff in the past)

    The good news:

    -Ive installed OMV onto my server

    -I've been able to access the control panel through a web browser

    -I can remote in through Putty and SSH

    The challenge

    -The server has a built in hardware RAID Card a P420i

    -I want to be able to turn off the RAID card and use it as a disc controller (HBA) - this can be done. That way I can use the software RAID of OMV.

    -I have found out how to do it on a unRAID forum (but its basic linux as far as I can tell) [SOLVED] unRAID with HP p420i RAID card in HP ProLiant DL380p G8... - Storage Devices and Controllers - Unraid

    -I have the HP debian file I need to install to change the RAID card to HBA mode

    What I don't know is linux (at all). I'm old enough that I used MS-DOS before windows so command line itself isnt scary but I've never learnt Linux.

    Please can someone give me total Noddy steps (what to type etc) to enable me to go into the background debian and update the file as per the link above. (Yeah I know - I'm hoping someone will take pity on me.)

    Alternatively I'm open to you all telling me what a huge moron I am and why so I can learn for future.:):):)

    HUGE Thank you in advance.:P

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  • It should be ssh as root dpkg -i /path to file name/package_name or in the directory you have placed the file dpkg -i package_name

    That should work, if you get a message, Do you want to proceed to nuke your system y/n then it's not not the above :)

  • Thank you - next dumb Linux noob question - how do I get the file from my laptop onto the server to use the command, or can I have the file on my laptop which I'm using to SSH in. I don't yet understand the linux file system/structure et alone the OMV one.

  • Well, you can do this one of two ways...

    1. If you have a Linux client (maybe it's available for Windows to, I don't know).. you can transfer it to your server pretty easily with scp…-securely-transfer-files/

    2. Do you have the link you went to to download the file? (it should end in the name of the deb file) If that's the case, you could SSH your server, and use wget to download it (most likely)... and then just runt he dpkg command geaves mentioned above.

    It would be something like this.... wget

  • Understand I'm going strictly off what that page says... I didn't read but the first page... but it seems most are suggesting this file.. hpssacli-2.10-14.0_amd64.deb

    If that is the case, then this should download it for you with wget. SSH your server, copy/paste the below into your SSH window. Once it's downloaded, type ls (lowercase L) and hit enter.. you should see the file there.


    Assuming the file is there, run the command

    dpkg -i hpssacli-2.10-14.0_amd64.deb
  • Maybe there is a BIOS setting to turn the RAID off? Maybe it goes really old school, and there's a jump setting for NO RAID on the main board? You'd probably really have to dig into the documentation for the device to figure that out.

  • Success. The linked instructions didn't make it clear I needed to run the hpssacli file to activate the controller commands. I was able to find a readme and have done jut that it became obvious.

    Once I did this there was a whole load of commands available to configure the controller.

    You two have been incredibly helpful and your few prompts have made me come on in leaps and bound in Linux - I know know just enough to be dangerous. I can't thank you enough

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