btrfs volume using ata disk model

  • Sorry, this is probably trivial but I'm new to OMV and this is something I don't want to get wrong from the start :-). I created a multi-disk btrfs volume from the buster CLI. When I mount this from the CLI I get a mount point of my choice, but it is not usable as a "Location" in OMV for say, a shared folder. If I mount it from OMV5 the mount point has the ata model of the first disk. I don't want the disk model there, that could change a bit in the future if the disk fails. How can I mount the btrfs volume either to the point I want or at least to something logical like a label. The btrfs volume does have a label, I don't understand why omv5 doesn't use it.



  • Nevermind, I figured it out. udev will only create the by-label entry if you label it on the mkfs.btrfs call. I labeled it after and that bypasses whatever magic triggers the udev rules. I recreated the array and when I mount in OMV now it uses the by-label. Maybe there is a way to re-run the udev rules?

    Another quick question though. I know it is crazy but I'm on my LAN. Is there no way to create a share for anything on my boot partition? It seems like the answer must be no since that has to be mounted before OMV can run and it's got to be /. Maybe I can configure some SMB shares outside of OMV?


  • I have a fair amount of space in root just because I had a big ssd available. I guess I can repartition it and use the extra space as a omv mountable partition. I'd like to use it for temporary things and it is an ssd so it's quick. I'm all set. thx

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