Can't create new folders, can't reset perms, can't change ACLs.

  • Getting the following error when trying to use Reset Permissions or when trying to modify the shared folder ACLs.

    This disk is from a previous OMV install.

    Any ideas?

  • It looks like a problem with the aquota.user and files in the root of your drive.

    I would try temporarily removing the share in OMV (but leaving the disk mounted under Filesystems), then opening an SSH prompt, deleting the two aquota files and running the chown command manually.

    chown --recursive root:users /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-8494346d-ac97-40a2-a38e-c043fb719bee/*
  • Hi Cubemin, thanks for the reply. Tried that but no luck.
    Reading elsewhere online it looks like I may need to stop the quota service and then try changing ownership.
    Also in another thread with a similar issue someone said the problem is that we're trying to change ownership of the root of the drive itself. Apparently you need to move down or up one level. Like change the ownership of the drive itself, or go 1 level from root into a folder and then recursively change ownership there.

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