error: symbol `grub_register_command_lockdown` not found

  • hi everybody

    yesterday, I made the updates on my two servers with OMV 5.6.1-1.

    these servers cut off at night and start again in the evening, except that one of the two no longer starts tonight.

    I gave you a picture of the error message.

    the server that no longer starts Dell R510, 12 2TB disks

    the one that works well, HP DL380g6 16 disks of 4TB

    can someone help me

    thank you

  • Maybe you stumbled into a variant of this this mess. Get yourself a Debian installation CD ISO, copy it onto a USB stick, boot the installer, and choose Rescue mode (if not in the main menu you might find it in Advanced). In resce mode the installer will load some stuff and detect most of your systems settings. Don't get nervous. Nothing has happened so far. When it comes to grub, choose to reinstall grub and choose the correct device(s). Depending on your setup you might have to install grub into all MBRs (Raid). Reboot. If that fixed your issue, make sure to run sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc to fix your debconf database entry.

    Edit: Has also been reported as #984426. Judging from the maintainers mails this seems to be an incarnation of the report I linked above. Maybe your system bailed out during the upgrade as announced here, and you restarted it anyway? In any case, the installer's rescue mode should help you.

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