Docker spin up HDDs without any obvious reason

  • Hi,

    I have Configure the advanced power management to 1-Minimum power usage with standby (spindown)

    This working as expected the HDD of my device is spindown as expected as soon there is no traffic.

    But when I start the Docker then the disk start to spin up every ~1min after 30~ seconds the disk spindown but again after ~1min it spins up again, without any obvious reason.

    Is it any type of logs that I have to check on Docker side to find out what triggers this behaviour?

  • I was just looking for an answer to a similar issue.

    I can hear that my disks are spinning up, but i am assuming it's because docker is running.

    My set up is a HP Microserver with an SSD which stores the OS and 2 hard drives that are plugged in for all other storage.

    I have docker set up to run off my hard disks and not the SSD. Since I have adguard running off docker, I am guessing that devices in my house will being pinging the web at all times of the night.

    Maybe it's a similar issue to you. Does anyone know if the docker containers running will mainly be running off RAM or will they constantly write to HDs?

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