Raspberry "dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown" (on/off switch) feature vanished after omv installation

  • Hello !

    On a Rasperry PI there is an option to attach a pushbotton on the GPIO3 pins and this gives a start/stop switch to the Pi. Before the installation of omv this feature did work fine - it´s activated in the /boot/config.txt (dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown)

    AFTER the plain installation of omv (wget -O - https://github.com/OpenMediaVault....) this feature does not work any more for shutdown. To me it seems that omv disables all GPIO...

    A start of a PI by closing the GPIO does work, so the general configuration/functionality seems to be OK....

    I did test it with a plain Rasberian (buster) + current updates on a Raspberry PI 3 B+ v1,2 . omv 5.6.2.-1

    Needless to say omv itself works without any problems.

    Any hints would be fine

    Greetings from Graz


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  • Hi Reini8020,
    have you already solved your problem. I´m very interested in this because I´m planning in to build my NAS with raspberry pi 4 and OMV. My old NAS is dying now. I was able to trigger the boot process and shutting it down (ACPI) by pressing a light switch paired with a relay. So I was able to do so from different locations in my house. I also would like to do so with my planned raspberry NAS.

    Greetings to the beautiful town of Graz from the far north Waidhofen an der Thaya.

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