[How-to] Use the openmediavault-resetperms plugin

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    omv6:omv6_plugins:resetperms [omv-extras.org]



    Plugin functionality:

    • Openmediavault-resetperms provides a tool to modify the permissions of shared folders and all their content at the file system level from the OMV GUI. It also shows a list of shared folders and associated services.
    • Modifying permissions can be useful if your file system comes from another system and you want to reset the permissions of your folders, if you want to remove ACL permissions, or if you want to customize the permissions of each shared folder differently. Or if you simply want to change the permissions of a shared folder that is already created.
    • This plugin does not make changes to the permissions applied to the services (Samba, NFS, ...) if not at the file system level. Changes applied at the file system level will take precedence over the permissions configured in your services if they are more restrictive. Once the file system level permissions have been applied through this plug-in, you can further restrict these permissions by configuring each service. You can consult extended information about NAS permissions in OMV here.
    • Changes applied to a shared folder using this plugin will be applied recursively, that is, they will be applied to the folder and all its subfolders and files equally.

    Plugin use:

    • To install the plugin: First install OMV-EXTRAS, see here In OMV GUI go to System> Plugins> find and select the plugin openmediavault-resetperms and click on Install.

    Reset Permissions. Modify permissions of an existing folder.

    • Go to Services> Reset Permissions> Reset Permissions> In the window do the following:
      • In Shared folder: Select the shared folder you want to modify (you can create a new shared folder by pressing the + button on the right).
      • In Permissions: choose the permissions you want to apply.
      • If you want to remove the folder's ACL permissions, press the Clear ACLs box. This will reset the ACL permissions by recursively removing all ACL permissions for this folder, its subfolders and files.
      • Press the Save button
      • Press the Reset Permissions button. The chosen permissions will be applied to the shared folder and to all its contents, subfolders and files.
      • When you're done, tap Shared folder again and select none. If you don't, the folder will be linked to this service, so if you ever want to delete it, you won't be able to until you remove it from the menu.

    Shared Folder in Use. Check the status of shared folders, associated services.

    • Go to Services> Reset Permissions> Shared Folders in Use> Here you can see a list of your OMV shared folders, next to each of them you can see the services that are currently associated with that shared folder. This is useful if at any time you want to delete a shared folder, since in order to do so, you must first remove the services that point to that shared folder. You just have to consult this list and delete them (or point to another folder) one by one.


    • This plugin can break your system if not used properly. DO NOT CHANGE THE PERMISSIONS OF THE DRIVE WHERE THE OPERATING SYSTEM IS INSTALLED. Doing so could cause you to lose your system and be forced to reinstall.
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