Where is .bashrc file?

  • I created a new user but the first time I logged in with ssh, a message said that it couldn't find the path to its home (hadn't created it yet) under / home / user.

    I want to modify the bashrc file of that user to be able to add the line that gives colors when I connect through ssh (export LS_OPTIONS = '- color = auto'). But I don't know where that file is.

    For the root user, it is in /root/.bashrc but for the new user, having no home, I don't know where it is.

    I have created the home folder of that user and added the same file that root has but it does not seem to be working.

    Where is the .bashrc file located for new users?

  • When you create a new user, a skeleton bashrc is created from /etc/skel/.bashrc IF the user has a home directory. If you don't enable home directories (in User Management -> Settings), then the user won't have a home directory and not have any .bashrc or profile. If you enable home directories, then the .bashrc will be in the shared folder you select under the user's name.

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