[How-to] Use the openmediavault-flashmemory plugin

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    Plugin functionality:

    • Openmediavault-flashmemory generates a RAM memory execution system for the temporary files that OMV usually writes to disk.
    • Mainly due to the generation of graphics for the OMV GUI, there are many temporary file disk writes during normal operation. On a mechanical disk this is not a problem. In an SSD disk it is not a problem either, although these writes will reduce the useful life a bit.
    • It is a very common practice in OMV to install the operating system on a USB stick, generally 16GB or 32GB. This has several benefits:
      • Operating system on a separate drive.
      • Do not occupy a Sata bay for this purpose.
      • Ease of creating a backup of the operating system. Just insert the pendrive into another PC and create an image.
    • To do this installation on a USB stick it is essential to use this plug-in, or the pendrive will die in a short time due to constant writings. Openmediavault-flasmemory loads the main system files into RAM, so it will run even faster than on any disk. Only the start and shutdown of the server is penalized, but this operation is not usual in a server that generally works 24/7.
    • Openmediavault-flashmemory will also help to extend the useful life of an SSD, although to a lesser extent, given the greater longevity of this device when compared to a USB flash drive.

    Plugin use:

    • To install the plugin: First install OMV-EXTRAS, see here In OMV GUI go to System> Plugins> find and select the openmediavault-flashmemory plugin and click Install.
    • Restart the server the first time after the plugin installation.
    • A menu will appear in the OMV GUI, the plugin works automatically. In Dashboard, a line will appear in Services indicating that the add-in is installed and working.
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