Cannot ping OMV virtual machine by name, only by IP

  • I'm running OMV 5.6.26-1 on Debian 10 as QEMU/KVM virtual machine on Ubuntu 20.04.4. I have setup bridged network on Ubuntu and assigned two dedicated IP addresses, one for the host and one for the guest. Host and guest get their IPs from FritzBox DHCP in a static manner. In general it works well but occasionally I was not able to access the server using its name.

    I thought the problems are caused by the active IPv6 DHCP server on the router, so I disabled IPv6 on the router. But with only IPv4 it has become even worse. I can ping the host using its name, but the guest only by using the assigned IP. No chance to reach it via its name.

    What can cause this and what could I try to solve it?

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    Name resolution is a dns problem not dhcp. If fritzbox is supposed to handle that look there. You can test this with nslookup. You might have to install a package for that.

    On omv command line hostname and hostname -A . Try both of those with nslookup.

    nslookup omv-name should return some info including what dns server it is looking up and the omv ip.

    nslookup omv-name your-dns-ip  to specify a dns server. Don't remember if that works on windows. I am recovering from windows addiction and almost over withdrawal. LOL

    nslookup some-ip should return the name of that host. That is called reverse lookup.

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  • I am quite sure, that the Fritzboxes will only add named provided by dhcp clients in the DNS. There is no such functionality for static IPs.

    If you got help in the forum and want to give something back to the project click here (omv) or here (scroll down) (plugins) and write up your solution for others.

  • donh
    Thanks, I'll try that later.


    I think I was not clear enough. My intention is to use only the DHCP server of the router (FritzBox). Therefore I have set it up so that it always assigns the same IP to the OMV virtual machine and also gives it the name 'server'. The router identifies the virtual machine by its MAC address.

    It's set up the same way for my HTPC, but of course with different MAC address, different IP address and different name. There it works. The HTPC is also the host for the OMV guest.

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