First build, which set up?

  • Ordered 3x 4TB ironwolf drives and this is going to be my first build based on older pcs parts. Can’t decide which is better since there are both really similar.

    1. AMD Athlon X2 6000+ (125w) + ASUS M2N SLI (nForce 560 SLI)

    2. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (105w) + EVGA nForce 680i SLI

    Both will have 4x 1GB Corsair DDR2 800Mhz ram and GeForce 7600 GT

    Intent is just a bigger storage since my 4TB seagate central drive is now full (will likely use it as backup for non replaceable data). Perhaps use docker to run Plex server (I know either cannot handle 4K and 1080p is likely pushing it) and a BitTorrent client (Transmission). Don’t really see the necessity to go RAID5 or ZFS and may just stick with EXT4 for simplistic sake.

    Would the faster dual core be better suited compared to the slower quad core? Not planning to overclock (old hardware, no need to push it to their limits). Power consumption won’t be anywhere near modern stuff, and not having on board gpu makes it even worst. May upgrade it in the future if I come by newer CPU, Motherboard and RAM.

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    I'd probably go w/ the Intel. Looking at the specs, it's fairly similar to the Celeron I'm running right now (G1610).. and while it's showing it's age.. I'm still happy with it. Only thing it won't do is transcode, because I don't have a video card.

  • That’s my thought too. My previous Plex server was a pipo x7 and that couldn’t transcode as well. Was running fine on windows 7/8 and when it upgraded to windows 10 it became too slow

  • Check out my specs below the Pentium was very cheap and performs well enough. It does HW transcoding in Jellyfin and does away with the need for a graphics card.

    Inwin MS04 case with 315 W PSU

    ASUS Prime H310i-Plus R2.0 board

    Two port PCI-E SATA card

    16GB Kingston DDR4

    Intel Pentium Coffee Lake G5400 CPU

    Samsung Evo M.2 256GB OS drive

    4x4TB WD Red NAS drives + 1x4TB + 1x5TB Seagate drives - MergerFS pool

    Seagate 5TB USB drives - SnapRAID parity x 2

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