Hardware Update/Upgrade Question

  • Hello buddies. First time Writing in the forum. Lot of readings before.

    I,m user since OMV 3 or maybe was 2... Damm it´s a lot of time yet... and HDD upgrades too :D But still I´m totally in love with it.

    But after upgrade to OMV6 my server is struggling a little bit. I feel it a little bit unstable.

    It´s an intel atom d2700 MiniITX board, 2gb ddr3. With WD red 6TB attached, OMV it´s installed on Toshiba 8GB flash drive

    I´m using it for SMB share, And docker containers:

    - OpenVPN

    - Mysql for Kodi database sharing

    - Pîhole

    - Transmission

    - Homeassistant

    - Tvheadend

    - Klipper

    - Mainsail

    - Fluidd

    - Portainer

    - Yatch

    - Couchpotato

    - WOL

    Remember the days I´ve first deploy the NAS only for SMB share, DDNS updater and OpenVPN :D But docker it´s so easy to use...

    So i´m beggining to consider changing the hardware. New generation intel 10w TDP miniPCs are arround 160€ (intel celeron n5105) 8GB ddr4 and 128 GB nvme. https://es.aliexpress.com/item…2fFK&gatewayAdapt=glo2esp

    But Taking into account the price of energy this days efficiency of ARM architecture makes me doubt wich way to go.

    For sure changing the HDD to SSD would be the heaviest saving. But one year saving 6W 24/7 are 21€, 4TB SSD are still 400€, 6TB HDD like mine 184€ so...

    So What do you think? Stick to X86_64 a little bit more? or change to ARM?

    Wich hardware do you think it´s the Golden solution? Powerfull, Efficient, Cheap.

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