BTRFS scrub weekly

  • I updated to 6.3..6 yesterday. This morning I got an Anacron email that said...

    Performing a scrub on Btrfs file systems.

    The changelog for 6.3.6 said that scrub_btrfs was changed from weekly to monthly. However I have "openmediavault-scrub_btrfs" files in /etc/cron.weekly and in etc/cron.monthly. I assume it should only be in cron.monthly. Can the "openmediavault-scrub_btrfs" file in cron.weekly be deleted?

    I also added an environment variable OMV_BTRFS_SCRUB_ENABLED="NO" to prevent the btrfs scrub since I don't use btrfs.

  • vcruser

    Added the Label resolved

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