Failed to mount Pool(?), unable to boot into OS

  • Hi OMV team,

    I have an issue I have been trying to troubleshoot, however I am fairly useless at debian and cannot for the life of me figure out what is breaking and how to fix it.

    Last week Friday I found I had no access to my data - my MergerFS volume appeared to be down.
    So I rebooted the server and it did not come back up like it usually does when I have an issue.

    I've got it hooked up to a screen and keyboard and it appears that OMV cannot mount the MergerFS volume (I'm guessing)

    Here is the boot screen and result of the command it recommended I type to see what the error is:

    I could really use some help to get my server back up and running again please! ?( ?(  =O ;(

  • I tried editing out the drive I thought was causing the error from FSTAB (made a backup first!)- this made things worse.
    So I put it back in

    All drives appear mounted when typing 'mount'

    Happy to take any advice or commands here

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    Jul 29 21:17:32 Optimus mount [1358]: fuse: mountpoint is not empty

    Maybe this is the issue. You can shutdown the server, disconnect the drives and reboot. After that check if the directory /srv/94e87264-55f0-49c3-b699-0efa2dbff704 exist and is not empty.

  • Okay,

    So just to double check.

    I disconnect all non OS drives,

    Navigate to that folder (cd /srv/xxx)

    Do a Ls -a and there should hopefully be nothing?

    Question: if there is nothing- what next?

    If there is something- what next?

  • So following up - gave this a go.

    Disconnected all drives except my boot drive, turned the server back on and navigated to that folder.

    It showed quite a few errors (obviously) during boot up.

    So I navigated to the folder in question which was there.

    There was quite a few folders in there (of names and structures I was familiar with), however it appeared there was 0 files in there.

    I used the ls -a command and there seemed to be nothing in any of the folders and subfolders.

    I navigated to the root folder again /srv/94e87264-55f0-49c3-b699-0efa2dbff704 and did a rm -r of the 2 sub folders in that directory,

    rebooted the server and it came online!

    I will have to continue to monitor for any oddities that may be in place - I did notice that during this boot there was an error saying something about unable to rotate the log files(?)?

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