Error 500 while mouting file system

  • Hello, i have a problem which affect me because i can't use my NAS.
    I have created a raid 5 with 3 disks and when i'm trying to mount the system in EXT4 format i have an error 500 with the following message "Removing the root file system has been aborted" I don't understand why and i can't to anything."
    I can't find anything on the internet about it and i'm kinda getting mad.
    I don't know what is the /dev/dm-p file system
    I've added pictures so u can see.

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  • I'm not trying the remove the OS, the OS is on another disk and i just want to create a file sistem with my raid. The OS is not on a disk that is used for the raid

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    I'm not trying the remove the OS, the OS is on another disk and i just want to create a file sistem with my raid. The OS is not on a disk that is used for the raid

    The code tells a different story. A mount point configuration is going to be removed that is responsible for the root filesystem.

    What is the output of the following commands?

    # cat /var/lib/openmediavault/fstab_tasks.json
    # blkid
    # mount

    Do you have installed the openmediavault-sharerootfs plugin?

  • Antoine3331 Have you solved your problem? Perhaps the lack of further comment means votdev is satisfied there is no code error here.

    From the data you provided you must have installed debian first using LVM and then used the script that installs OMV, OMV-Extras and Flashmemory.

    Only after installing the shareroofs plugin would the "/dev/dm-0" device appear under filesystem, it's your root filesystem! The "dm" is an OMV abbreviation for a /dev/mapper/...

    But you say you had a problem with RAID5 before this. Were you trying to create a RAID on USB drives?

  • Antoine3331  votdev

    I set this up in a VM:

    I can delete the md raid as normal. If I try to umount the /dev/md-0 device the system prevents this and leaves the"pending config changes" message on screen. Undoing the changes leaves this in "/var/lib/openmediavault/fstab_tasks.json"

    Double entry because I hit undo twice.

    votdev Is this the expected behaviour, or should var/lib/openmediavault/fstab_tasks.json be empty?

  • To continue:

    votdev Having deleted the md raid, you hit a problem when you try to reinstate it in "Storage Filesystems":

    This generates this error:

  • votdev I have reproduced a system like Antoine3331 in a OMV7 virtual machine. Debian installed with root on LVM. Applied script to install OMV etc. Added both md and sharerootfs plugins. As OMV OS has root on LVM ( a /dev/mapper device ) it appears under filesystems as "/dev/dm-o". Create an md raid5 as normal. All is ok.

    Next action was to attempt to unmount /dev/dm-o whic the system prevents it with normal warning message.. Next action was to umount and delete the md raid, no error was encountered. Next action was to re-create the raid in MD section and then mount the re-created raid under filesystems. It is this last action under "Storage | Filesystems" which generates the error. Removing the sharerootfs plugin is NOT a workaround.

    Content of relevant jason file are still this:

    My question at end of #9 above remains the same.

  • votdev Info you requested:

  • votdev As requested:

    findmnt.txt @ around 1100 lines long.

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