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  • Hi Guys
    I have been researching backup solutions for large amounts of data (say 10+TB) for “non critical” data i.e. movies, TV shows, music etc…
    I currently backup critical data on a 2TB external hard drive as well as using Snapraid for my NAS. I believe that this is sufficient for the important stuff. The not-so-important things are only protected by Snapraid. I’m not really happy about this but I can’t really afford a lot of external hard drives to make a full copy of everything.

    What backup strategy do you use for your media collections?

  • I don't how you could save & bakcup upon 10+TB of data without other disks...

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  • I guess that the options are really limited. I've been looking at tape drives but the hardware is massively expensive even second hand (I'd be better off buying hard drives instead).
    Online backup (unlimited storage space) are not an option due to upload times... seeded backups (crashplan style) are way overpriced.

    I guess that for now I'll have to live with Snapraid.

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    I backup to a second server as well.

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  • Look at backblaze... but they don't offer a linux client, yet.


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