Mobo and other HW suggestions wanted for new OMV box with ECC

  • There was also something in an Amazon review a while back about the Reds being problematic - but one guy said this was down to Amazon not actually using any packaging in the box! Some have been arriving DOA due to damage in transit. I've never had this issue with Amazon, but might be worth noting if anyone has problems with their Reds from Amazon.

    Despite preferring Seagate, I do have a couple of WDs and so far they are ok. This is a recent thing though as I have avoided them after several in a row died on me years back. I have a couple of Blue 2.5's that so far are ok (WD7500BPVT) and I have a 3TB green for HD video in a PVR (WD30EZRX). The Blues came with a couple of laptops. The Green I purchased because it was half price and I thought I'd take a risk. I hope they don't let me down.

  • Just counted the drives in my dead drive box - from laptops, desktops, servers

    10 WD
    6 Seagate
    6 Maxtor
    3 Samsung
    2 Toshiba
    1 Fujitsu
    1 Hitachi

    Not real scientific but interesting. Most of my desktops have WD drives in them so the count will be higher. The Maxtor drives are all IDE. The bottom 3 are old laptop drives.

    omv 5.6.13 usul | 64 bit | 5.11 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.6.2 | kvm plugin 5.1.6 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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  • Actually, the hitachi wasn't a deathstar. It was 1 tb drive. Not sure what model. I remember the deathstars very well. Had lots of those fail. Toshibas probably came laptops I fixed but didn't own.

    omv 5.6.13 usul | 64 bit | 5.11 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.6.2 | kvm plugin 5.1.6 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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  • Your link didn't work but check this one out! Probably the same one...

    omv 5.6.13 usul | 64 bit | 5.11 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.6.2 | kvm plugin 5.1.6 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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  • I've had some bad experiences with WD. Never with Seagate. Then again, I know people who have said the exact opposite.

    The chances of failing are pretty damn low in any case, any result you can get by personal experience is horribly inaccurate. Like with most things anyway.

    If you want to get half-decent data you need to go ask cloud storage companies (not Google because Google uses SAS drives and that's irrelevant for us). The article your graph is based off is here (or a more recent report by them), plenty of data and specs abouyt what is tested when and so on.

    They opensourced the project for their large cold storage rack modules (storage pods), and you can see that they use Supermicro boards too.…tweaking-a-proven-design/

  • Interesting reads. Those 'pods' don't look very pod like though :-P

    I've given a lot of thought to drive purchases over the last few months. And I came to the conclusion that I'm not overly worried about drive failure. It's a PITA, sure. But if a drive fails, it fails. It is what it is. At £89.99 for a ST4000DM000, even if the failure rate is higher than say, a HGST, I'll most likely know within warranty, RMA it and carry on. The drive will be replaced next day, the RMA will come back eventually, and all is well. My current plans are for RAIDZ2. I'll probably move to RAIDZ3 at some point for further protection.

    My box is used for:

    1. Music
    2. Movies and TV
    3. Photos
    4. Other user data from laptops etc.

    3 & 4 are backed up to an external drive monthly or whenever a significant change occurs (ie. Wedding photos) and stored off site. All music and movies can be re-downloaded again from whatever store they were purchased from.

  • I get them at a discount as a friend of mine owns a local store. Sorry, probably not what you want to hear. I've got quite a few discounted parts for this build. When I do the build write up and specs, benchmarks and pics, I'll be listing the total cost as the cheapest prices I can find on the open web in order to give accurate info to those wanting to try this build.

    However, if you are trying to keep costs down as much as possible, you can often find Seagate or Samsung desktop hard drives that are 4TB in capacity for lower than the drive itself. I know for a fact that the Samsung D3 4TB and the Seagate Desktop Backup Plus 4TB have the ST4000DM000 in them, as I have seen the disassembly vids on YouTube. You would need to double check that if you removed the drive from the enclosure that it would still be covered in the event of a fault, but I've been told it shouldn't matter providing warranty stickers aren't removed - these are only on the actual drive, not the enclosure.

    Look at EBuyer quick code 579951. £84.99 for a Seagate 4TB.. At that price, I'm actually tempted to get one and see if it's a ST4000DM000 inside... It's a USM, not sure what that means - but can't see why it wouldn't be a plain SATA drive inside.... In fact, I've ordered one.

    Another way to stay as 'above board' as possible is to snipe on eBay. In December last year, I needed a 1TB SSD and sniped a new sealed Samsung Evo 840 for £259. I don't think they've come down to that yet! :-)

    Edit: being delivered tomorrow. I'll tell you when it gets here what's in it :-)

  • I know what you mean...
    I recently bought an external Seagate 8tb for £198 on amazon. It was out of stock and they lowered the took 4weeks for the delivery but in the end I bought it for less than a 6tb disk. I'm still using it as external backup....I won't open the enclosure for now.

    Good luck with your new system!

  • I like Sci-Fi. I'm expecting this to make my coffee and clean the house, ya know :-P

    Wasn't totally kidding though. For now it can run the server-side components of Sirius, the opensource equivalent (or wannabe) of Siri/Cortana/GoogleNow, a project backed by the usual suspects (Google, DARPA and someone else) that can do also image recognition on top of speech and text recognition…-that-runs-on-ubuntu.html
    Although it is still pretty young project for now, it's not easy (nor really wise until it gets out of beta) to set it up.

    So yeah, it's not so far-fetched to think that within its service life you could install some programs to control a couple drone maids too.

    In a dedicated VM of course. None wants to risk crashing the server for cool auxiliary functionality.

  • Well, didn't get the drive delivered today. I'm a bit miffed because I was before the next day deadline ordering (about 10pm). It was free delivery so I suppose it's no big deal. I checked the tracking info and apparently it's coming tomorrow. I'll post a photo of the internal drive when it's here just in case anyone else is tempted by the insanely low price of £85 for a 4TB drive :-)

    On a different note, I've been thinking about LEDs. The V71 case is mostly blue, I'm thinking purple in with that so I've ordered 4 strips of purple LEDs. Not sure if I need any extra fans yet. The case comes with 3 x 200mm and 1 x 140mm. The H105 has 2 x 120mm. I can't imagine I will need anything more, but we will see.

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