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    If you have the time it might help make the release better for you and others.


    Ok then. I downloaded the latest image (6.0-34) unplugged everything but the boot drive- to-be and started the installation. It all went well untill right after the step in which the installer says configuring DHCP. Then I was treated to the screen you see below. Reset the machine, tried again. Same thing. There is obviously a DHCP server on my network or else the phones, tablets and whatever wouldn't get an ip address (or at least I should have gotten some sort of error). I then took the same usb stick, wiped it, put debian 11 netinst on it and voila... in a few minutes I had a working debian installation. After that I followed the instructions on the forum and after a few minutes more I also had OMV 6 running on top of it. Like I said before this happened to me with OMV5 also on the same machine and with OMV 6 on my second backup machine. There has got to be something going wrong here.

    So I checked the boxes for whatever I want to appear on the dashboard. Sometimes after reboots or even logging in and out all items disappear and it says the dashboard isn't configured. I have 2 machines, they both exhibit the same behaviour.

    Hmm. You think maybe I can keep the raid array intact and reuse it? I usually just wipe everything and recopy when a new major version appears.

    Once 6 is declared the new stable I will attempt the install on the machine in the screenshot above. I don't use any plugins so I'm not waiting around for any of those. Get back to you then.

    I think it's the hardware the installer doesn't like. When I tried installing v 5 a while ago (and it wasn't a beta or anything) on my main backup machine I had the normal sata controller on the motherboard plus some Asmedia controller also included on the motherboard all filled up plus three PCIe-to-SATA (with only 2 ports on each, those with 4 ports are troublesome even in plain debian) and I had the same problem. Had to install debian first. Worked like a charm. That system is still running today :)

    P.S yes I disconnected all the cables but the boot drive when installing

    For the basic stuff (SAMBA, rsync, FTP too probably) it's quite stable. Otherwise stick to ver. 5 for now. I couldn't install it from the 6-16 image (kept complaining about missing files) but an install on top of debian 11 worked fine.

    Soo... I finally decided to upgrade the boot disk on this backup machine from a probably 15 years old Maxtor drive (which I got from an old Mac G5) with the cheapest SSD I could find (no DRAM cache, WIN 10 runs on it worse than a 5400 rpm laptop HDD) and for good measure try OMV 6. It ran OMV 5 perfectly before but I couldn't install it from the 6.0-16, just kept complaining files were missing from the usb stick (tried 2 of them both written with Rufus in ISO and DD mode). One time it said the CD was missing (no CD drives on my machine). Ended up doing an installation on top of debian. That worked fine. And if you think the spaghetti looks awful in my machine you should have seen my freenas file server 10 yesars ago (found a siemens pentium 3 thrown in the trash made for a nice file server :)) Also ran m0n0wall back then as a router. Enough ranting, look at the pics, DDR2 still going strong in 2021, andt that's a PCI (not PCIe) to SATA adapter :))))