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    Just a simple question: snapraid is generating a message which is large in size (5 to 10MB), no issue receiving, but outlook does not like this when having it some time in a folder stored. (it locks up Outlook)

    Is there a way to get snapraid messages that it is finished or having a failure but without all detailed info (note: I do not use debug, I do use the plugin diff script)

    aroundmyroom - Since you're not using the built in script, did you end up using a script that someone posted here, or did you combine bits and pieces to make your own?

    I am using the GUI and the default plugin script. I have a few rules enabled and all is working. I want to be a 'generic' user of OMV without being in the shell all the time, but I do not see why the modified script would give me more benefit than what the default delivered script is giving me with GUI help as well. The question I am asking myself is why is that modified script not being used by the plugin builder .. and of course the existing script could and may be updated to get more features and functions. The only question is, do I need it? ;) The only thing I want is that in case of emergency I must be able to restore a disk.

    My boat is sailing hotsauce

    I have checked a lot. I am not using the diff script where you can add your own sauce to the supplied plugin script. Actually all is derived from each other.

    I am now up with my new 30TB NAS for almost 1 week

    Syncing started when I added the 14TB of data. After that I created an issue myself as in the diff for snapraid was stated that I wanted to scrub 100% of my data. Uhhh why? I dunno it stood configured. it took some time, but it was all ok. Now I have changed that. to 10% and 6 days. First days I checked the logs to see if there where some mount points or data folders I could exclude. There were and I added them.

    Than I had to test a lot of things with SAMBA, this caused a lot of issues with UnionFS and Mergefs with/without issues for SNAPraid

    I noticed that I had a high load on the server (higher than 1.0) and this is not common. Due to the speedtests I did during sync or scrub I made false assumptions.

    High load was caused by the multiple re-configurations I did (probably). After a reboot no further issues found. Load is fine


    all my additional settings I used to have with OMV4 did actually not work.

    As I have 2 OMV5 environments I could check and see differences. Although the backup server is plain / simple and clean it showed exact the same poor performance over wireless (12 to 15MB/s) where normally I achieve 60MB/s)

    Also the trigger was a wierd setup failure my site to have a 100% scrub job for snapraid on one server. This caused also issues during my test. (I did not know the job was running)

    Server side copying is working default when copying now within the NAS and a Windows 10 system in between. Data is moved fast.

    So in my setup I do not use additional optional settings for SMB anymore

    This is not a question about the generic speed of SAMBA on OpenMediavault

    I have a stable NAS speed from my SSD to my NAS of around 110MB/s

    But the question I have is:

    On Location A on my NAS I have file X (lets say Drive M on my Windows)

    and I want to have it to my Location B on my NAS (lets say Drive B on my WIndows)

    Windows 10 --> copy file from NAS and Paste it to the same NAS other location.

    Now I have to copy that file from my Windows machine

    Here I have a small issue: where I have a stable SMB speed during a copy action from my Windows machine I have a unstable transfer speed when I copy the data within the NAS where my windows machine is in between.

    I have tried several settings in the advanced settings to see if I can manage a stable copy action, but unfortunately it drops and than speeds up to high speeds again. I have rather a stable speed than a speed what varies.

    I have not seen any threads about copying data within a share through SMB and its speed

    Any thoughts? Is server side copying enable by defaults? or can it be added in some way?

    So, my 30TB NAS is ready. All data is copied from 3 other older OMV installations.

    yesterday I have manually started sync and waited some many hours and it was ready this morning. Then enabled cron en started one time the job manually.

    Got an email and info was sent.

    in OMV5 I have enabled to SnapRaid diff .. Looking in the cron I noticed that it was starting a script in /usr/sbin/omv-snapraid-diff

    what contains the diff script SCRIPTVERSION="1.1.0"

    Kewl !

    auanasgheps I have added the following to the theme-custom.css as stated by Agricola


    /* Login page */


    /*body# */

    .login-page {

    /** background: #2e2e2e; */

    background: url("/images/server.jpg") no-repeat center center fixed;

    background-size: cover;


    and I put the image server.jpg in /images/


    During OMV3 I used a nice background image, but after the upgrade to OMV4 it did not work anymore and I did not bother ..

    Today I took the time to see why it did not work anymore.. Ahhh omv-custom.css has been changed to theme-custom.css

    From my old nas I found the old file, copied the only interesting part to the new file and it was working. Even my old background image was still present ..

    Just as I am about to turn that old NAS off ..

    Background image now under OMV5 (logo of OMV in the lower right is preserved, this is example image (cut 'n paste))


    Happy to have my Whale (30TB) almost ready ;)

    You should probably read the snapRAID manual and FAQ before trying to use the program.

    Been there done that.

    I know what I can do, but OMV5 has a plugin, I just need to know the scope what the plugin can do. It is not stated (I could not find it) what I need to do after I manually sync / scrub / and setup a diff

    That is in the scope of the OMV5 Snapraid usage and not in the scope of the faq of snapraid.

    So in short:

    do I need manually do things or has the OMV5 plugin for Snapraid all the features in the GUI to have it running unattended or does it need weekly manually maintenance (Cause the diff can be scheduled)

    I have installed SnapRaid on OMV5 with unionFS where I put 3 disks in a pool and 1 disk as parity.

    I see a lot to configure in the GUI and I see that I can schedule a diff.

    But there is no real info what to do? first. I was / am expecting that there would be also some schelded sync and scrub or am I missing this?

    It seems that I first have to move my 17TB of data before I can do sync.

    Is there some 'what to do next' after it has been configured?

    Even better than the remote plugin is autofs.

    I have all my shares available on/from all my OMV servers, using autofs and nfs. And it is "selfhealing" so it doesn't matter what order servers are booted or rebooted. I use it for rsync snapshots between the OMV servers.

    But autofs is in the command line realm...

    So If I understand you correctly autofs takes care that if a NFS share is being lost it is being added automatically if a device is back online?


    Try to use the remote mount plugin if you have more than one OMV installations. It is quite handy.

    I do that on the commandline, must mount the NFS share and use a simple but fast Rsync command

    afterwards I am setting the permissions right.

    cause with my old NAS devices (with OMV) I am not using users, so everyone is allowed to do everything, but with this new device I have some users and some shares are for everyone ..

    as it is 100% home use I do not really care about permissions. Only 1 or 2 shared folders with some critical stuff is user protected