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    I'm having a problem when restarting or shutting down my OMV 5.0. From what i see on the log files somes disks are not umounted sucessfuly. The error message is " target is busy".

    I have 8 disks on mu OMV and 2 of them appears this message. I'm worried because those disks dont umount sucessfully.

    The following log are from during a shutdown.

    Any help are appreciated.

    Thank you

    Hi There,

    First of all that you all for this impressive release of OMV, besides of some of the missing plugins, i think this is one of the best releases of OMV.

    The reason for whati'm posting is because i have a need for installing a Virtual machine in Windows, for now i have a solution using another pc and remote access to it, but what i'd like to have is to run it inside the OMV.

    I'm reading some posting regarding using proxmox and run the OMV inside, but that will obbligate me to reconfigure all my OMV, and i like very much the way it is right now.

    I'm trying cockpit and works great with linux machines, but there is no option for running Windows.

    Is there any option to accomplish this, using only the OMV?

    Thanks all. Great Work.


    Today i receive my computer parts to upgrade my OMV Nas computer. So i was thinking in use the backup plugin under the System tree.

    My question is, how do i restore it, is there any tutorial for that?, because i can't find any restore button,

    So my ideia was, made the backup to a shared drive, format the ssd system drive, install omv and make a restore.

    Is this the correct way?

    Thank you all.

    Hi all,
    Yesterday i think i've done it for good.

    I try to have a clone of my installation disk using DD command. Everything went well but after i replace the drive it wont boot.
    When i install OMV i install it for the first time using UEFI. Everything went well with no problem.

    But since yesterday i have done the DD no more boot. I cant boot anymore. Neverless i've try using my old drive and with the same issue.

    I've selected it on bios, unplug all the drives except the boot drive and nothing it goes into a loop.

    Dont know how to resolve this mess.

    I wish anyone can give me a hint on how to resolve this, or do i need to reinstall it.

    I've hours of configuration here. I dont want to loose everthing.

    Thanks you all


    That's what I do, nothing was changed, the only thing that was really changes was OMV. I've reinstalled it, nothing more. I can find the reason why is this happening. Searching on the forum some people have this issues but there is no conclusion about the issue.
    I've try it on another computer same issue. I don't have a clue.

    Since yesterday my webgui does not refresh, when i use my credentials to login it stops on the "Loading, please wait" but if i press the F5 button in enters successfuly.

    The same behaviour on any othe tab that i choose, onl when i press f5 ir refreshes the page and the settings.

    Can anyone help me please

    Thansk in advance.


    I'm in a process of renew my hardware except the disk drives.
    My need are basically: torrent files, file share, Streaming and Virtualization of 1 or 2 machines.

    The MBO i find an ASROCk with 6 sata, that is what i need, but my doubt is in my cpu. I want to use a low TDP if possible of course.

    In your opinion what is the best CPU that i can use. Basically this are not all day running process. The virtual machines will be using during day time, and streaming file share operations will be using at the end of day.

    The 24x7 will be the transmission.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hello all
    after upgrading to the lastest omv, i cant install Virtualbox. Either using GUI ou SSH

    Hi flmaxey

    Thank you for your answer. The purpose of the virtual machine is to have a machine always on, justo for me to connect to it from outside. Like establishing a vpn and then connect to it using RDP. This machine will be windows 10 and as i said is to have a available machine to do some browsing open some files, run some basic tools and nothing more, it will perform like a desktop. Another virtual machine is a linux to have the same purpose, this is just for lab testing and nothing more.

    So, this linux machine will not be always started, and can be shutdown.

    For what i have investigated, the 4000 series intel cpu was a great choice, it will speed up the TDP to a higher value. This will be a problem for me because i have a Fractal cube already with 6 Sata disks. The second problem is the higher value of the 4th generation cpu. This option is the best for me, but i dont know if its the best. Compare it to a I3 8th generation that have 4 cores. The used i5 price is higher. The problem with this option is that i will need to buy a new board, New CPU and new memory, the advantage is that i have a lower TDP for that.

    These were my choices, but dont know what is the best one.

    Hi guys,
    I need to refresh my OMV hardware. I´ve no complains about it doing the usual stuff, like using it as a server to store files, using it for streaming to a tv, until now it perform very well.

    The point is i would like to use it for another purpose, run virtual machines in it, like one or two at a most, and for that i think my hardware is not very suitable for that.

    My setup is:

    Intel Celeron G1820 @ 2.70
    8GB of RAM
    Motherboard H87I-PLUS

    What is your opinion? Should i refresh it entirely, change the cpu?


    Thanks everyone that reply to my thread. Especially to ryecoaaron that helped me a lot.

    I´ve resolved the problem, removing MySQL plugin and reinstall it.

    Now I´ve mysqldump fully operational.

    Best regards and thank you