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    Hi all,

    I've a fresh install OMV 4.1.23 with a Domain Controler (AD Microsoft WS2016)

    My ACL is simple.
    I create two Security Groups to my AD :
    - Folder XXX - RO
    - Folder XXX - RW

    And an Administrators Folders security group :
    - Folders - Administrators

    On my XXX shared folder, I add this ACL :
    - Folder XXX - RO = Read only
    - Folder XXX - RW = Read/Write
    - Owner = root = Read / Write / Execute
    - Group = Folders - Administrators = Read / Write / Execute

    But, on my shared folder to Windows 10 (or other version), I've 3 additional ACL :
    - Evertbody
    - Owner Creator
    - Group Creator

    My problem with this additional ACL (creators), when I create a folder or file, the Owner is automatically added.
    When there are many folders or files created with a lot of different users, the list of ACLs is very large.

    And when I try to delete Owner Creator or Group Creator, I've no permissions.

    So, how I could remove Owner Creator and Group Creator ?
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    I'm completely new to OMV, but have been using Debian for ~ 15 years. OMV 4 runs on a recently built Helios4 NAS. I have installed the OMV Extras plugin, it is also shown as installed (green dot). But ZFS is not offered on the extensions page. Is this due to the 32-bit platform of the Helios4?

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    Quote from XZaya: “The NAS does not Popup in my Fritz!Box, and the Ethernet LED is just orange. ” That would imply you have connectivity but no activity, have tried changing the cable and/or tried another port on your router.
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    Quote from Shinobi: “- connect monitor, mouse and keyboard - login as root - type "omv-firstaid" - try to configure the network adapters and look for errors ” Problem is, that my NAS won't support a Monitor :/
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    Use CUPS for printer sharing. It's the way to do it.
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    Replied to the thread OMV 4.x OMV nach Aufwachen sehr langsam (nach AutoShutdown).

    Danke, gut zu wissen, dass das Problem eher beim Board liegt und nicht bei meinen OMV Settings. Dann werde ich mal weiter suchen.
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    Quote from fk1: “you convinced me to install zfs @diego now I was just wiping securely all my 16tb for hours, installed omvextras and zfs and now I cant see how to do a raid10 in zfs, only options are basic/mirrored/zraid1/2/3 thought I make two…
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    Hi, I am new to Openmediavault, so I just want to know whether I can use CUPs for Printer sharing or there is another way in Openmediavault to create print sharing? Thanks....