docker-esniper how?

    • OMV 4.x

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    • docker-esniper how?

      Hi @ll,

      Im trying to set up mruettgers dockered esniper on my OMV4. I just pulled the docker-esniper container and started it and thought now I can use the docker-esniper command but I just cant (command not found)

      I tried to add USER_ID, UID, PGID, GROU_ID just like on my jdownloader and plex container because obv somehow the container must connect with the host system. still no luck. I guess I dont understand docker right by now. I have restart policy always and HOST mode just like on the working jdownloader and plex set up so far. Can someone please help or explain?

    • tried some more: I deleted mruettgers version and installed the one from dieterkoch with mounted config files instead:

      Now I realised always restarting otion isnt good so i disabled auto restarts, set up as host and put the folder

      /local/config/directory => /var/lib/esniper/config

      after that I added esniper.conf and auctions to /var/lib/esniper/config folder and edited everything. Now I thought I seee some logfiles but nothing. configured logfiles as
      logdir = /local/config/directory/logs