NFS does not work with host name but works with IP address

  • Dear gurus,

    I managed to configure NFS like this:
    Privilege: Read only
    Extra options: subtree_check,secure,root_squash,anonuid=1004,anongid=100

    The client is Dune HD Base 3.0 media server. Wireshark log shows it has host name 'tango3' and GID 0 and UID 0.

    Issue: when I change IP address to 'tango3' - client cannot access NFS server... I need name (not IP address) because IP address of client is not constant.


  • The host name will be queried to the local dns resolver.

    Does "nslookup tango3" gives the IP address ?

    Also, IP address not constant ? Haven't you heard about IP address reservation in the router? Or configure a static ip. Do not rely on hostnames in your lan if your network is not properly configured.

  • Thanks.

    I see, and I traced already: yes, NFS is sending DNS queries to external server at configuring 'tango3'. Of course that server has no clue about 'tango3'.
    Yes, I keep reservation for a bout a week for each user in my router. But when returning back from vacation: need to reconfigure again. I will change to static IP on client side as you suggested because this seems to be easier than configuring DDNS or something like that.


  • I beleive that Client IP is set incorrectly.
    If you want to just allow a single host you would use a 32 mask, so allowing only the PC with to connect.
    If you want to allow anyone on that ip range, so from to you would set, a good solution if you are not using static IPs.

    I dont know if it will help about the issue but just something I noticed.

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