Which energy efficient ARM platform to choose?

  • Now there is a 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 available.


    The extra memory should improve disk access, since all free RAM is used for disk caches. You are not likely to notice any improvements when copying very large files, reading or writing. But possibly when copying many small files and during normal use. Also it may make running several large docker images easier.

    I suspect that the biggest benefit from the extra RAM is when the RPi4 is used as a desktop computer for light office use and surfing. Possibly together with a SSD.

    I bought two, together with a FLIRC case. I will use one for OMV and one for testing as a desktop. I may be able to free up an old HP Elitedesk g3 800 i5 mini. Might be nice to run OMV on, as well. Plenty of USB3. Previous tests with the 4GB model as a desktop was a fail. But a close one.

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    OMV 5: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4

  • And I can confirm that OMV 5 works perfectly fine on a 8GB RPi4.

    I just moved the card and everything else from my old 4GB RPi4 to the new 8GB RPi4, also in a FLIRC case. And it just works, as it should do.

    I don't expect to see any great benefits apart from a little better disk performance, especially when dealing with many small files, due to the significantly bigger disk caches.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
    OMV 5: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4

  • The ideal power to performance ratio is zero to infinity. That is, zero power consumption and infinite performance. In practice, this ideal ratio is rarely seen....

    Typically power consumption is roughly proportional to performance. But it seems ARM devices in general have a better power/performance ratio than x86 devices. But x86 devices may have a higher top performance per processor. So if you can find an ARM device with sufficient performance, it is likely to provide a better power/performance ratio than a x86 device.

    And then cost of purchase comes in as well.

    Apple seems to be going over to ARM. Presumably in order to improve the power/performance ratio. Or at least the profit.

    Also I think it is more common to talk about the performance/power ratio. Not the other way around. Kilometers per liter petrol. Flops/W.


    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
    OMV 5: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4

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  • the lowest consumption for your use case is the baseline... try to get lower and you have the best performance to power ratio.

    in my case I only need a tiny NAS with a lot of space but super low consumption... maybe we can define some KPI´s to get better understanding for the different use cases.

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