OMV 4.0.15-1 constantly showing that the configuration has changed and must be applied

  • Recently I installed above mentioned OMV version on a fresh installation of Debian Stretch 9.3 (firmware-9.3.0-amd64-netinst.iso).

    When I applied the configuration after creating a new NFS share, I got the following message for the first time.

    I got nearly the same message after creating and applying a shared folder. Since then OMV shows a changed configuration all the time, but when I click on the 'Apply' button I only see a message box after some time that tells me that there was an error. But there are no error details any more. When I close the box by clicking 'OK' the 'configuration changed' banner appears again.

    Does anyone know the problem or can tell me how I can find the cause for this?

  • I startet the server about 3 hours ago.

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