SSH stopped working, been fine for months

  • Hi,
    I've run into an issue where I've had reliable ssh access for months and suddenly:

    Could not chdir to home directory /home/[username]: No such file or directory

    Then the connection drops.

    I have not changed anything in many months, occasionally I ssh in to wget something.
    The last time I connected (2 weeks ago via PuTTY) it was on a device I rarely use, I don't recall if I closed the session gracefully.
    There have been several power outages since that connection.

    Any chance my username is locked up due to a bad disconnect?
    I have been able to create many simultaneous connections with the same username in the past, so that seems an unlikely culprit.

    This is my main method for accessing the server, so I'll have to fight with forgotten passwords, dragging out a monitor/keyboard, etc.

    Simple fix anyone? :P

  • So after not getting anywhere with this (I opened a separate thread here regarding other login issues) I've decided to try a fresh install of OMV 4 - which might help me remember what installation settings I'd chosen and such.

    Things that I've observed:
    1. /home is not given a separate partition by default, it's all under / in the main partition.
    2. A user created in the OMV GUI will not have a /home/[user] folder, by default they log in with HOME=/.

    Given #2, why did my logins suddenly appear to attempt to chdir to my home directory?

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