Transcode folder for plex docker.

  • Hi i'm trying to set up my plex on Docker, with the toturial from " Techno Dad Life " Video link .

    He skips the part with the transcode folder, and in the comment he says: "Just make a transcode folder in your AppData folder. You will be very happy!"

    How do i find the AppData folder :?:

    You can create the transcode folder anywhere you want, you can name it anything you want, and it does not have to be an OMV shared folder. The only requirement for it is that it has the correct ownership and permissions such that the Plex docker container can read and write to it, and you correctly specify the linkage between the Host Path and the Container Path /transcode in the container setup.

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    OMV AMD64 5.x on ASRock Rack C2550D4I C0 Stepping - 16GB ECC - Silverstone DS380 + Silverstone DS380 DAS Box.

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  • All my shared folders have Read/write permissions, and my user have read/write permissions to the shared folders and to the docker.

    Do i have to set permissions in the docker it self and if so how?

  • I have been very happy with my OMV server for the last 3 years, but every time something comes up, like major updates, this docker and so on - I allways run in to trouble.

    I feel like i'm so close but yet so far from getting this to work now.

    I am on the edge to just switch to windows ||;(

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