Transmission-OpenVPN Container causing Plex to be routed through VPN - NordVPN

  • I have read this post on the issue people have when using host mode to route Transmission through VPN causes all other containers to also go through the VPN. The fix is very easy by simply changing it to bridged mode and forwarding 9091.

    However I am using NordVPN and they don't permit port forwarding (angery), is there any workaround to allow Plex to work? I don't mind all the containers having to go through VPN (like for Sonarr and Radarr), but just Plex doesn't work with it.

    I believe it is an issue with my provider as I tested with my friends PIA account and the bridged mode works fine. Unfortunately, I already have used the NordVPN account past the refund period and it isn't really worth it for me to switch.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I don't really understand your problem. If you're running the transmission-vpn plugin, Nord should only be protecting Transmission.. all others should be on my local IP, so port forwarding is irrelevant.

    ... I've got Transmission-VPN bridged to port 9309. Calibre-web docker is bridged to 7827. Just for grins, I just forwarded both in my router

    I'm downloading a torrent right now, which is behind my VPN...

    If I go to my mypublicip:9309 I get a page not found (because that docker is behind my VPN). If I go to localip:9309, I get the Transmission interface. If I go to mypublicip:7827, my calibre-web login shows, because it's not not running behind my VPN, so it's accessible by my public IP. If you're running TransmissionVPN on the "Host" port, I could see it possibly interfering with your other containers. I don't know what Nord has against port forwarding, but I'm not sure how they would ever know in this instance.

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  • I simply cannot access Transmission on my local network. NordVPN works according to the logs. I have followed TechnoDads 2019 video but to no avail.

    My config is:

    OPENVPN_OPTS=--inactive 3600 --ping 10 --ping-exit 60

    With extra arguments being: --cap-add=NET_ADMIN -d --network=mynet -p 9091:9091

    And creating special network: docker network create mynet

    Despite this, I still get "This site can’t be reached" error when visiting (The IP of my server).

    Container log.

    I have had to do this because if I don't, and use Network Mode: Host instead the traffic of my other containers get routed through the VPN which breaks plex.


  • I am very stupid. I entered the wrong subnet mask. Apologies, I recommend if you're having the same problem and been staring at the same thing then throw it in a subnet calculator if your brain has given up on you. Oops.

  • I was gonna say, your other issue may be:


    My router is, I'm pretty sure his instructions said set that That's how mine is set and it's never been an issue.

    Edit: I also have web proxy set to false, and don't even have the Create_Tun_Device

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  • i have a similar issue i use nord to but i have comcast and they now block all port 1080 (socks 5) but nord wont change there socks port so im trying to find a way to get socks 5 protection even if i have to use my own vpn like with a pi or something that will allow me use socks from site to site and keep my stuff private

    any suggestions with that? as the nord help is well a bunch of idiots guy spent 30 min telling me servers were online and not blocked when i was telling him i cant connect cuz m isp blocks 1080 so my p2p does not work.. makes me worry they log to .. ;/ hmu if you figure this out or hae suggestions to bypass this issue

  • I'm on Comcast, use Torguard Socks5 on destination port 1080 and it works fine. Comcast is not blocking that port in the upstream direction.

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