Automated WoL fron Windows10 PC?

  • Hello,

    I just recently build my first NAS-Server using OMV.

    So far I'm very pleased, everything seems to work fine.

    The Hardware is:
    MSI H55M-ed55
    4GB Ram
    400W PSU
    120GB SSD for the OS
    5x 500GB HDD in RAID6

    Eventhough I'm quite pleased with a idle power-draw of just 40W, I want to save more Power as the Server isn't needed that much.

    So I configurated everything for Wake on LAN and AutoShutDown.

    From my Router 7590 I can easiely Wake the Server from Standy-by and even Shutdown by pressing the related Button on the Fritzbox Webinterface. So magic package seems to work.

    But I want the Server to start automaticly every time I start one of my PCs. Both Win10, one education, the other Pro.

    As far as I've read till now, there is no way to send the magic package natively from Windows, is that right?
    This would be my prefered Sollution as I like my System to be slim.

    So I guess will need additional Software? Any recommendations?

    I've read about mhsoft Start on LAN, but can it start the server automaticly after I launched windows? or do I need to press any Button?

    I don't want to install a dozen programms just to find out which can do the task.

    Best Regards, Christian

  • Thank you for your suggestion.

    But that seems very inconvenient to install a program that requires to use the command prompt every time.

    I downloaded the MS-Store App Wake on Lan, as the mhsoft-tool seems little outdatet with the newest Version being from 2006 and some other tools looked like they contain more bloatware than actual features.

    With this tool ist seems to work fine, eventhough it's not automated.

    Best regards, Christian

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