letsencrypt for docker

  • Hi,

    I have been told that let's encrypt plugin is no longer under maintenance and I should use letsencrypt in docker instead.
    There are 2 versions in docker, jrcs/letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion and linuxserver/letsencrypt.

    I believe that the former one has nginx reserve proxy included which I have no idea what is it, shall I just install the latter one if I just want simply secured connection for my omv?


  • Use the latter. I think the community has the most experience with it and can help troubleshoot. It also has an included nginx reverse proxy.

    You should use this one: linuxserver/letsencrypt.

    For you omv having the SSL, you'll have to create a file omv.subdomain.conf as in this following thread.

    whenever you use a docker container look at what is supported by the community of whatever application you are running. most of the time it will be self-named (ie. emby/embyserver) or linuxserver.

    thank you guys! i will give it a shot!

  • Hi,

    I used this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…I2SLMIbc4PM&index=56&t=0s as a guide to try to install LetsEncrypt with NoIp on Docker but no luck.

    Note: Sensitive data has been changed.

    I'm currently using Let's Encrypt plugin in OMV as well.
    I notice in the video, TechnoDad port forwarded port 80>90, 443>450.
    I don't want to change my current config like that.

    Is there an alternative solution ?

  • port forwaded is to preserve actual port 80 & 443 of OMV webGUI, but if you do not want to do it, you need to change default port 80 & 443 in OMV WebGUI and configure letsencrypt to use port 80 & 443

  • I've ported 80>90, and 443>450, but still no luck.

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