Share Printer with Samba

  • Dear all,

    I've switched to OMV 5 recently and as the CUPS Plugin is deprecated now, I tried to setup CUPS with Samba on my own.

    I've installed CUPS and it works like a charm, but inside smb.conf there's a default value set

    load printers = no

    Even If I put "load printers = yes" to the extra options it doesn't work as this parameter then is set twice with "no" + "yes" (which has no effect)

    Is there any way to change/edit "load printers" option that survives any WebIF changes and possible future Updates?

    Checked the Environment Variables but didn't find anything.

    Thanks in advance

    BR Sebastian

  • Dear all,

    I would like to ask if maybe it would be possible to move the


    load printers = no

    from [global] section to the #Extra Options section in a future update of OMV ?

    To make this user changeable if needded?


  • from [global] section to the #Extra Options section in a future update of OMV ?

    No need to do that, you can customize the setting via the OMV_SAMBA_LOADPRINTERS environment variable. Set OMV_SAMBA_LOADPRINTERS=yes in /etc/default/openmediavault and run omv-salt stage run prepare; omv-salt deploy run samba.

  • drakohla

    Added the Label resolved
  • Hi,

    I apologize for opening this topic again but if possible, I would be very interested to learn how did you manage to share your printer on samba?

    I have it working perfectly well through the Cups admin interface (can print test page), but I am stuck with the Samba integration

    Was able to add OMV_SAMBA_LOADPRINTERS=yes and even OMV_SAMBA_PRINTING=cups but now what?

    Please can you share the whole solution?

    Thank you in advance!



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