System drive full and app installation

  • I'm new to NAS, OVM, Docker and so on. I wanted to experiment with a home server and installed OVM 5 on a 4 GB USB thumb drive. I was trying to follow some tutorials about installing some stuff with docker/portainer, but I can't manage to complete anyone due to space issues. I checked and my OMV drive is already full, little more than 1 MB free space (not sure if this is bare OVM or if I manage to already install things that I can't recall now) . Should I start again from an 8 GB drive or is there a way to install Calibre, Midnight Commander or other software bypassing the lack of space in my system drive? I'm using an internal HDD and 2 external HDD (1 TB each) to hold data. Thanks!

  • 8GB ought to do it for now. I run on a 16GB SSD, it's now half full, but has been in use for five years.

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    OMV AMD64 5.x on ASRock Rack C2550D4I C0 Stepping - 16GB ECC - Silverstone DS380 + Silverstone DS380 DAS Box.

  • Flash media is really cheap. The price difference between 8, 16, and 32 is going to be miniscule at best. 8 is minimum, I would personally go 16 or 32. That said, if your system is set up properly, 8 should be fine. I've got a lot of dockers, etc. going on my system and I'm using 2.8gigs on my system partition (that is not counting the swap space).

  • I have just checked my installation drive and I realized that it's actually 8 GB. Below is the information I got from parted. It seems that I have almost 4 GB in swap. Is that alright? RAM memory on that server is 4 GB, not sure if they should match. I think I didn't change any parameter during installation, those seem to be the default values.

    Number Start End Size File system Name Flags

    1 1049kB 538MB 537MB fat32 boot, esp

    2 538MB 4316MB 3778MB ext4

    3 4316MB 8010MB 3694MB linux-swap(v1)

    Inside OVM panel, aAt Storage/File Systems, the system partition reads: Total 3.40 GiB, Available 1.19 MiB, Used 3.20 GiB. And I think I haven't installed anything (maybe vim and ncdu). Shouldn't I have more space available for other installations?

    Can I just downsize the swap to enlarge the system partition? How do I do that?

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