NGINX error on install

  • Hi,

    I have pihole and wireguard install on PI4. but when i installed OMV again as fresh install, the nginx error seems to be stuck. I can't purge/remove or even apt-update because of this dpkg error.

  • one more clean install and now stuck at "connecting to github". I did not install anything else and started with OMV 5

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    Is it working now?

    You should run pi-hole in docker. Otherwise you have to change either the port of OMV or the one of pi-hole, as both are using port 80 in standard configuration.

    When using the installation script, you should use a fresh installed Raspian OS without update/upgrade.

    1. Install Raspian
    2. use the installation script
    3. update/upgrade
    4. configure / install other switch
  • I ended up installing it clean without pihole. Will keep it in mind once i install pihole again. it worked for install now. But have new issues:

    OMV login and Password doesn't allow me access to web-gui, doesn't even give a wrong credentials error. the page just refreshes

    The only thing i fiddled with

    1. was adding dns name servers as i wasn't able to reach internet.
    2. Added users to OMV - admin used to work ,but now just refreshes the page.

    Here's the output of users in OMV now:

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ awk -F ":" '/home/ {print $1}' /etc/passwd | sort

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