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  • Hello, native language is german and my knowledge about linux is...there is some knowlegde. :|

    I'm a proud owner of an helios64 NAS. In the beginning of the year i guess it was a good investment and price. I know it was OpenSource and a lot of possibilitys to do a lot of things with this Server. Now, it's running. Plex works perfectly and OMV too. I've installed docker and portainer and it works. So i was a little bit proud of me :rolleyes:

    And the problems began...

    I've want to give access to my brother who lives some Kilometers away. I've installed and DNS-Service but the main problem was a possibility to install an http server like apache. Because of OMV use Port 80 too.

    Second problem was the ARM64-Architecture i guess. I tryed to install some file manager like krusader on docker. It doesn't work. Only thing i get installed was DoubleCommander. Nice programm, but i have to start it by hand everytime on ssh. That's not very userfriendly.

    Please be patient with me...i've learned a lot the last days and my wife hates me sitting in front of the monitor and didn't play with the kids...



    NAS helios64 - Ich gebe mein Bestes um alles zu verstehen...?(

  • Normally i open putty, login and start with doublecmd. Then i open chrome and get doublecmd with ip:port.

    I can change the Port with omv-firstaid. That's what i find. OMV don't care about the Port?!? Port 81? Port whatever?!?

    NAS helios64 - Ich gebe mein Bestes um alles zu verstehen...?(

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  • Not sure if this working, but you can try to run systemctl enable doublecmd. If it not clear if it is working, post the output of that command here.

    If this is not working, add a scheduled job in the GUI of OMV that runs at reboot with command doublecmd

    You can change OMV to any port you like (which is not used by other applications). Port 81 is ok.

  • Nice idea to start it as a scheduled job. I will try it next days.

    For now i'm fighting with Nextcloud, Google AuthO, Portainer and DuckDNS.

    Hope to find a way to get Krusader running.

    NAS helios64 - Ich gebe mein Bestes um alles zu verstehen...?(

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