[desperate] i cant connect omv from outside to install nexcloud

  • :thumbup:Hello friends, I have been trying to install nextcloud for a long time and I can not even access my omv from outside my network, please I ask for your help and for that I will describe the most exact thing that I have :rolleyes:


    Dual PC 2.20, 2gb ram, 1 80gb hdd (omv installed), 1 Raid 5 of 2tb (3-1tb hdd), 1 hdd 300gb, 1 ssd 120gb


    OMV 5.5.19-1 (usul), IP address, port 81, ssl certificate, port 447

    Modem Router Wifi: ARRIS - TG2482, Wifi disabled, IP address

    Router: TP-link Archer C7 V2, wan address, lan IP address


    arris modem router with Virtual Servers / Port Forwarding

    description: omv 1

    inbound port: 81 to 81

    format: both (tcp / udp)

    private ip address:

    local port: 81 to 81

    description: omv 2

    inbound port: 447 to 447

    format: both (tcp / udp)

    private ip address:

    local port: 447 to 447

    Router TP-link Archer C7 V2

    Forwarding / virtual servers

    description: omv1

    Service Port: 81

    Internal Port: 81

    IP Address:

    protocol: both

    status: enable

    description: omv2

    Service Port: 447

    Internal Port: 447

    IP Address:

    protocol: both

    status: enable

    when I try to connect from outside the network I use the public ip for example:

    and does not connect anything ...

    I also write it like this: or and nothing ...

    what am i doing wrong friends please

  • The pictures do not show any port forwarding. You need to add them.

    To simplify things I would remove one of the router from the equation and connect the NAS directly to the router that is connected to the internet.

    Be careful with exposing your OMV to the internet.

    For setting up nextcloud there are videos from TechnoDadLife in the guide section.

    And there is also a text guide in the guide section.

  • To simplify things I would remove one of the router from the equation and connect the NAS directly to the router that is connected to the internet.

    yhea!! thats a great idea of course!!, that way I could see what the problem is that the modem or the router is giving me since I cannot eliminate either of the 2 because I have several other connections, but if I can discard and see which one is causing me problems.

    yeeah I am watching thecnodadlife (he rules) and he teaches that 1st the omv must have an internet connection, but that is what I cannot do with my routers

  • yeah i done it... but not ok...

    i dont know what im doing wrong, but now i know that it is in the modem router in wich i cannot give access to the omv to internet

  • sorry for not saying it, if the ip was but it did not load so I changed the static ip of the omv to and now if it entered, and with that address try to open the ports and nothing ... I will remove the ssl certificate from omv to see ...

  • You're doing double NAT.

    You have to forward the required ports in your ARRIS-TG2482 to the WAN-address of your Archer C7 (

    (or put your Archer C7 ( in the DMZ if the ARRIS-TG2482 support this)

    In your Archer C7 you have to forward the required ports to your OMV (

    Or even better, put the ARRIS-TG2482 into bridge mode, so that your Archer C7 is the only router.



  • yeah that why i conectd the omv directly to the modem... then i did this

  • In one of your screenshots I saw "WAN IP ="

    You will never ever be able to reach your device from the internet.

    tyou're right, and in fact I just put that ip from my pc and log in (I'm glad), but immediately I found out from my cell that it's not connected to my local network and doesn't log in ... but my public ip is 181.188.177. xxx (according to google) and does not enter anywhere...

    i dont know what to do i just want to make a private cloud with nextcloud for my jobteam to share work files over nxt cloud without to ay to google drive or thats services...

  • According to this screenshot you posted,

    you have a private WAN address.

    Access from outside is not possible.

    :O and so... isnt there any other way to use nextcloud to share folders and files with my job team mates¿

  • Some Ideas ...

    How about IPv6, is it supported by your ISP ?

    Rent a (virtual) server with a public IP address ?

    Have one of your team mates host nextcloud ?

    im thinking about to ask for a public ip address to mi isp

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