Restart/start portainer

  • So I stopped my portainer container from the portainer web UI by mistake.

    Trying to start it by SSH-ing into OMV and running "docker run portainer/portainer-ce" shows that the container is running but I can't connect to it on its port.

    How do you start portainer correctly if you accidentally stopped it?

  • docker restart container_name

    You can also view the log for the container with docker logs -f container_name (Control + c will close the log once it's at the end)

    If it doesnt start, post the log and see if maybe someone can help.

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

  • wow, this seems like a really bad solution to what seems like a fairly easy problem to occur.

    it just happened to me earlier today - i simply stopped my portainer container from the portainer interface and blammo - game over.

    no easy recovery.

    luckily, i was able to follow the suggestion of looking in the log to find the container id, and restart it, but i suspect 95 out of 100 users would not be able to do that.

    couldn't there be something built on to the portainer component of omv-extras to do that? that would be SO much easier and risk-free (as far as i know).

  • The obvious solution to prevent this kind of mistake is to hide the portainer container in the portainer UI.

    You are not working as admin all the time, do you?

    If you got help in the forum and want to give something back to the project click here and write up your solution for others.

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