Mounting an external NFS share to OMV and sharing that via OMV

  • Hello,

    I'm completely new to OMV and I need it to do pretty much one thing: To be able to manage an external NFS share that is shared and mounted to the OMV that is installed as a VM on VMware environment.

    I managed to mount the external NFS share to OMV via SSH to the /export folder, it shows up properly when the "mount" command is issued. Obviously that's just the first step and nothing shows up in the web interface. I've read that there needs to be an entry in the /etc/exports file for such share but this apparently should only be done via GUI, I'm not sure how though

    What I need to achieve is to be able to share that newly mounted NFS share from OMV to other VMs in the network, preferably from GUI so I can also manage users that can access the share easily.

    Did anyone ever encounter such a setup? Or is "forwarding" of external shares like that just impossible with OMV? I managed to get this to work on UnRaid, but I had issues installing it as a Virtual Machine as it's meant for bare metal installations. With Unraid it was easier, because once the share was mounted, the GUI recognized it instantly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)

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