Added new drive it appears in /srv/ as UUID

  • I have several drives in the system and they are listed in /srv/ as:

    144ab994-0e0f-4a42-a06b-f37e84454803 (MergerFS)

    803befbe-2c10-4331-9b07-1691582f4de1 (Remote NFS mount)

    dev-disk-by-label-NVME (OS drive)

    dev-disk-by-label-Disk1 (WD 4TB drive)

    dev-disk-by-label-Disk2 (WD 4TB drive)

    dev-disk-by-label-Disk3 (WD 4TB drive)

    dev-disk-by-label-Disk4 (WD 4TB drive)

    dev-disk-by-label-Parity (5TB USB SnapRAID parity drive)

    I added a new USB 3TB drive today, added it to the MergerFS pool and SnapRAID.

    It has appeared as follows:


    All drives have been added under OMV 5 i.e. no upgrading from OMV 4.

    Why is the new drive mounted by UUID when the older ones are mounted by label?

    All working just curious to know.


    Inwin MS04 case with 315 W PSU

    ASUS Prime H310i-Plus R2.0 board

    Two port PCI-E SATA card

    8GB Kingston DDR4

    Intel Pentium Coffee Lake G5400 CPU

    Samsung Evo M.2 256GB OS drive (32 GB partitioned for OS)

    4x4TB WD Red NAS drives - MergerFS pool

    Seagate 5TB USB drive - SnapRAID parity

    Two x 1TB HD

    Seagate 3TB USB drive

    300 GB USB drive

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