Avoid anonymous access

  • Hi!

    This is my first post in the forum, I've search for it, but can't see the answer:

    I access to my SMB server in OMV5 with my android mobile through "Cx Explorer" app. I have a DDNS pointing to my IP so I can access from everywhere.

    Today I've realized that if I try to access as a guest (anonymous connection) I can see all the shared folders. I can't see its content neither navigate them, but I can see their names. Is there any way to avoid anonymous users to access the server and see the shareds folders names?



  • Never share SMB over the internet.

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  • Thanks for your answers!!

    I've been reading why not share SMB over internet and I've closed the port in my router. By now I've install the SFTP server for remote access.

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