Update OMV (clean install), re-implement Raid1

  • Hi there,

    because of an outdated OMV 4 that does not support iOS 15.4 with samba shares anymore I need to update my system to OMV 6.

    I was already recommended to cleanly install the new version instead of updating it.

    The only remaining question is how to deal with the storage drives. I have two WD 8 TB installed. They are configured as a Raid 1, I assume it's a software Raid.

    Should I unplug them before updating the system and then plug them in again later? Will the new version recognise the drives as a Raid that allows me to implement them as they are or do I have to set the entire system up from scrap?

    Or in short: How to deal with the storage drives (Raid 1) for the update?

    Thank you for your help :)


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    • make a backup of your OS drive or use a new one (just in case something goes wrong)
    • detach the data drives (I assume they are two individual internal drives, no USB drives; RAID is with USB connected drives is disabled in OMV now)
    • install OMV and shut down
    • attach the data drives and they should be recognized during boot up
    • start configuration (mount the filesystems, create shared folders, add shared folders to the services, create user .....)

    For the last point screen shots of your current configuration in OMV4 can be very helpful.

  • Thanks for your step by step explanation!

    They are sata drives, thus both internal ones, therefore that should not constitute a problem...

  • Scaty

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