How do you create SMB passwords for use with OMV6?

  • Hello all. :)

    I created a user for myself with a password, but that seems to only be relevant for the web-GUI and what you have access to in that.

    I would like shared folders to only be accessible to users with a password, not just have them open to anyone who can find them on the network.

    Is there any way to do that?

    I've been hunting around inside OMV6 itself, and looking around on these forums and FAQ's and links to videos etc, but nothing seems to cover this exact issue..

    You can setup users that have certain access and read/write permissions for certain folders etc, but what I want and need, is for Windoze to prompt me for a username and password, before I am allowed to access a share.

    Newbie here, so please be kind. :love:

    Can anyone link me to any information that would help me set that up?

  • Did that - Users/users/my name, set a password, confirm a password, GROUPS=root, sambashare, ssh, sudo,users, SAVE then APPLY when prompted, OMV6 thinks for a bit, but then when I try to access the share assigned to me in Windoze, I DON'T get prompted for a password.

    The sharename is correct, but Windoze just lets me in without any password, and I can copy files to the folder.

    Back in OMV6 again, users/users/select me/edit user, my password I set before is BLANK, so is the confirm, clicking on the eye icon to show the password, shows nothing.

    Perhaps there is an issue there?

    Perhaps there is is something in another part of the UI I need to change?

    Oh, Raspberry Pi 4 install, just FYI.

    EDIT: Oh, BTW, Services\smb/cifs\shares\edit - Public is set to "NO". I hoped that would mean guests would NOT be allowed, and a password had to be used to access that share.

  • Yes, worked it out! :D

    I created a new shared folder, set it's permissions to admin:read/write, users:read/write, others:no access.

    The first folder I used, was fully open as guests allowed, so Windoze was not prompting me for the user password from the user I setup in the UI, as guests were allowed on that folder.

    I have a lot to learn! 8o

    But I am getting there - slowly!

    EDIT: can an admin please mark this thread as solved. I can't find out how to do that right at this moment. If someone can point me how to do it, that would be useful for the future. ;)

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