Librephotos install

  • Did any one tried to inslall Librephotos?

    they provide a "step by step" install guide ... that I could not understand .. for noob it a lot more complicated to male sens of it than regular docker compose instruction

  • Thank you ! and now for for future noob:

    A proper step by step Using Portainer :

    Once in portainer

    Go to Stack on the left panel

    > click + add stack on the right
    >Chose name ex: librephoto
    > chose box git repository , in repository url enter > click + load .env file
    > upload a file conatining the code found here…blob/main/librephotos.env ( !! carefull the link contain html you have to create a env file your self containing the code found on the link)

    Click deploy stack...


    open your browser at your omw ip port :3000

    Done (well almost need to configure the folder access) and redeploy

  • have to figure out how to pass on drive location folder access,
    in there step by step buy they say I should do something like changing teh bracket for the location

    sudo docker run -v <photos>:/var/lib/librephotos/photos/ -v <thumbnails>:/var/lib/librephotos/data/protected_media -v <logs>:/var/log/librephotos/ 
    I'm looking of a way to do that in portainer.. not in cli
  • This is from the docker-compose

        image: reallibrephotos/librephotos:${tag}
        container_name: backend
        restart: unless-stopped
          - ${scanDirectory}:/data
          - ${data}/protected_media:/protected_media
          - ${data}/logs:/logs
          - ${data}/cache:/root/.cache

    So you can set the path on the server for "protected_media" with the environmental variable "data" in the .env file.

    Or just exchange

    - ${data}/protected_media:/protected_medi

    by something like

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-xxxx-yyyy-wwwww/potected-media:/protected_media

    Not sure if you used the docker-compose file, but if you didn't you can just past it in the stack in portainer.

  • I edited the env file

    Note that the protected media folder you mention is not your media location it's where the soft create thumbnails.

    the media folder is the "/data" one .. a bit confusing imo as usualy data refer to the place you store bits and bolts like thumbnails..

    Any how, I got it working partially .. I can't create album, I bet It might be a "right" issue.. not sure which

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