Restore FSArchiver/DD Backup from NVME to SDA

  • Hi All,

    Going to be moving from Bare metal to Proxmox, been learning about the backup plugin, dd & fsarchiver the last couple of weeks and i've been attempting to restore my OMV backup to a Hyper V VM,

    So far i've been using gparted to boot into, mount an external and try use dd/fsarchiver to restore the backup to the virtual disk.

    I can get data on the disk however it appears i'm not restoring the boot partitions correctly, now i assume when i'm using the dd command on the grubparts file it's actually not copying the partitions across correctly since they are nvme labelled.

    i've tried to manually create the partitions and get grub-install to create the boot but keep failing to find efi directory, not sure what needs to be done to get this. am i missing something simple?

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    It's not a direct answer to your question, but omv-regen might solve your problem.

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