Running 6.9.11-4 and looking to upgrade motherboard from ASUS H87M-PLUS / Linux not my strong point

  • Afternoon,

    So, a couple of years back, I decided to dip my toes into self hosting and bought a cheap Factory Sale Economical NAS 8bays Storage Server and due to me botching that order, I had to at a later date (once I'd received the 'server case') order a cheap mobo and cpu combo from Ebay [ASUS H87M-PLUS Motherboard w/ Intel i5-4440 8GB DDR3]

    This was so I could get a feel for it [self hosting] see what I could do etc.

    I'm at the point now, were I'm wanting to replace the motherboard with something a little more powerful, but not too much expense as it's only a hobby thing for me, but I was wondering, from a Linux standpoint, could I just swap out without much issues?

    I don't want to start researching a small atx motherboard setup, if it's going to be a headache/mission to swap?

    I'm currently running 1 500gb boot SSD, 3 6tb drives in a raid5 config (10tb capacity), 2 3tb in a mirror, and 2 6tb in a mirror

    If I do go down this avenue, making sure I'm fully up to date and I'll be backing up the boot drive. I'm just wondering about the data on the spinning drives.

    Thanks for your time.


    Don't jump, if you do, you'll only fall and hurt yourself.

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    could I just swap out without much issues?

    Assuming you are not using hardware raid, it should just work. After swapping you will have to configure the network interface with omv-firstaid from CLI.

  • Thank you for confirming this, I'd like to learn more and venture down other avenues with it, like Virtual Machines and the like, I don't think this CPU/Mobo combo would be able to keep up.

    Now I know I can do it, I'll do the research and see what I can get, best bang for buck without breaking the back (and upsetting the wife)

    Don't jump, if you do, you'll only fall and hurt yourself.

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