Mount NFS folder on Linux boot

  • I assume this is a basic setting, but I can't find it...

    I mounted a folder successfully on my Linux (Mint) machine using:

    sudo mount -t nfs /home/erik/NASLG2-2TB/

    But every time I reboot this Linux machine, the NFS mounted folder is gone... Any idea how I could get it mounted automatically on boot?

    Thanks for your help!

  • There is couple of thingsyou need to do:

    1. create directory "/media/nfs/naslg2-2tb" (sudo mkdir -p /media/nfs/naslg2-2tb) on your Mint box and make sure you have permision to it

    2. in /etc directory edit fstab file and add line: " /media/nfs/naslg2-2tb nfs rw,auto,hard,nofail,intr 0 0"

    In Linux you should avoid capitol letters

    Reboot. You should have :"naslg2-2tb" visible in your file manager.

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  • Edit your /etc/fstab file on the Linux machine and include the line below. Adjust the options list for your use case if needed.

    Code /home/erik/NASLG2-2TB/ nfs defaults,hard,intr,auto,async,nofail,bg 0 0

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

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