Plex server update source?

  • I've got the Plex plugin installed. When i log into the Plex web client and go to settings and it says it's version

    I know there is a newer version of the server software at version i think. But, when i click on check updates in the web client, it says i'm up to date.

    So, why is this? Where is this update being pulled from? Is it the omv plex plugin maintainer that is the source of the updates, or is it directly from Plex's servers?

    Why aren't i seeing the update basically!

    Anyone know?

  • The new permissions feature of Plexpass lets you specify either age ratings on films OR tags (that you add yourself to the media) to restrict content by.

    So i want to tag films and music with "forTheKids" and only let the user accounts i've setup for my kids access that content.

    But, only Plex server version i think supports the tags! So that is why i'm after an update!


  • AFAIK, this came with 1.0, so yes.
    This is the text:

    Btw. upgrading to OMV 1.0 would be highly recommended...

  • I'll take a look when i get home at what i have, thanks!

    I'm not really scared, i just need to allot the time to do it. The last OMV 0.5 to 1.x i did didn't go that smoothly and required some wrangling, and that OMV had very few plugins!

    Cheers for all the advice all, really appreciate it!

  • I am newbie so I still learn and have to ask questions.

    Running the dpkg shows that I have the 1.0.7 - what does number that refer to?

    I have updated the server via the web interface ( - I presume that this is the server version I am running, correct?

  • There are instructions on how to upgrade to a newer plex pass only version on the Information TAB of the plugin.

    Hello, i get in the WebGui a Update Message. I install it according to the instruction in the Information Tab.
    Install was ok, but after installation i cant start Plex.

    Installationfile plexmediaserver_0.

    BitFenix Phenom M - ASRock B75 Pro3-M - 8GB Crucial B.S. - Intel G2140 - Corsair CX430M - 1x 64GB SanDisk SDSSDP (system) - 2x 2TB WD20EARX (data) - 1x 3TB WD30EFRX (Snapraid) - TBS6981 DVB-S2 - OMV 0.5x

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