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    guys, i want to report a problem when i'm trying to run plex in docker using the "linuxserver/plex" image. i followed exactly the steps in @flvinny521 's instruction (OMV + Docker plugin media server (Plex, PlexPy, Ombi, Libresonic, NZBGet, ruTorrent, Sonarr, Radarr, Mylar, and more)) which, by the way, helped me a lot to understand how docker runs in OMV, except changing the "INSTALL URL" part because the bug has been fixed in the new version. But, when opening the plex webUI in localhost:324000, chrome shows "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." and it also happened when i changed the explorer to IE, edge.

    I'm new to OMV and don't how to fix it, so I gave it up and pulled the official image "plexinc/pms-docker" from docker hub. it turned out everything works. I don't why and guess it may caused by the linuxserver image not updated? or not compatible with the explorer?…
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    Hello all, so i have a GIGABYTE NUC Mini Computer - Dual Core Intel 1.58ghz 160GB HDD + 4GB RAM that i bought from ebay, should arrive thursday . Along with this i also went for 8gb ram. The NUC currently has no OS installed so i need guidance installing OMV in this system. I keep coming up with links where people have issues with the onboard ethernet card on various systems. Should i expect to have issues as well? Aside from the OMV image what else would i need to have a successful install? How can i get ethernet port to work if indeed is not working upon first install?. Im currently using OMV on a raspberry pi 2 with two external drives so i want to replace this with the NUC. Please note i have no experience in Linux. Thanks and look forward to your suggestions.
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    I've been trying to install the openmediavault-radarr 3.0 addon but am running into a issue when the latest files are being downloaded.

    Below is an excerpt of the installation log

    Unpacking openmediavault-radarr (3.0) ...

    >>> *************** Error ***************
    communication failure
    <<< *************************************
    Processing triggers for openmediavault (3.0.92) ...
    Restarting engine daemon ...
    Setting up openmediavault-radarr (3.0) ...
    Adding radarr user...
    Downloading latest files...
    Downloading complete, extracting files...

    gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
    tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
    tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

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  • sjdaniels -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x smb access from mac.

    That's permissions on your drive. You're seeing an error from your Mac that says something like "User attempting to make changes in Finder..." The drive permissions are off. I can't get into specifics... in the middle of a server crash from Bios…
  • elastic -

    Replied to the thread OMV 3.x Possible to grow linear pool?.

    Quote from Sc0rp: “Re, may be the best strategy for you is not RAID0 ... did you hear about UnionFS (in case of OMV v3.x is it mergerfs)? I dunno why OMV can not "grow" a RAID0 - and i'm missing the screenshot of the "Physical disks" and the "file…
  • ryanprice638 -

    Replied to the thread The property 'path' does not exist in the model 'conf.system.backup'.

  • Introduction Many new users of OpenMediaVault have selected this operating system because they want to run a media server. They expect it to provide functions such as serving media to local or remote clients and downloading and organizing new content.…
  • tinh_x7 -

    Replied to the thread Backup a live system.

    You can download a live Clonezilla and burn it to a flash drive. Then clone the drive by using the 'save image' option. Choose Expert mode.... There is an option for you to fix bad sectors before cloning it: "Check and Repair System..." If you have…
  • subzero79 -

    Replied to the thread OMV 2.x Is there a way to require a password on writes?.

    Not really. Once password Is entered privileges are granted in the samba layer. Why is the need for this ?
  • Nix -

    Posted the thread OMV 2.x Is there a way to require a password on writes?.

    Is there a way to view files on my network drive as normally done after entering a user/password, but then require another password in order to write to any files? I'm not really familiar enough with the ins and outs of windows and linux security to know…
  • hoppel118 -

    Liked Dr.Seltsam’s post in the thread My Mediaserver.

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    Hi there, I liked to shortly introduce my new "mediaserver": It's based on the tutorial for the "NAS Basic 3.0" provided by the "technikaffe" homepage with slight modifications: * MOBO: * Asrock J3455-ITX (with Apollo Lake Celeron CPU) * RAM: *…
  • FreshMike -

    Replied to the thread Upgrade Debian 9 and 4.x.

    Source Code (313 lines)
  • Dr.Seltsam -

    Replied to the thread My Mediaserver.

    Was das Rumfrickeln angeht, hast'e natürlich Recht: "Basteln macht Spaß!" Gitter ist/war auch schon drauf. Die Kabel rutschen aber zwischendurch. --> Kabelbinder Filter würde ich immer nur vor den "Einlass" machen, um die Büchse nicht unnötig zu…