Can't get wok on raspberry pi 3+

  • Hi...

    I'm trying over severeal days to get it work on my raspberry pi 3+ but without any progress...

    I'm following this tutorial ->

    I did absolutelly everything as same until the point 2:27 of the video, at this point that screen of the terminal show me some erros, I think it's errors from nginx server.

    Already tested the SD card, I'm using a 32gb class 10 and this card worked fine with batocera.

    My steps:
    1 - Download the image from this site for raspberry pi 3+
    2 - created the sd card with balena etcher using the image without decompressing
    3 - inserted at the raspberry and waited
    Additional details: The raspberry was connected in internet by cable eth and I tryed to attach and usb flash drive and a external hdd with ext4 partition.

    At the screen in 2:27 i can see the IP, but nothing happens if I try to enter in my browser

    I saw in some places that the rasp will reboot after some minutes in first boot, this not occured with me

    Wich detail i'm missing?

    Sorry for the bad english...

  • i'm wating a several days and keep trying and searching without success

    my power supply is the same I was using with batocera, I think it is enough, it came with my raspberry

    my sd is new, but I also tryed with a used, I tryed with 3 sd card 32gb class 10

    I'm typing only the IP was informed in the terminal, just like is showed in yout video at 2:27

    I can't provide screenshots now, but I'll as soon as possible


  • A first start might be to actually follow the instructions given in the screen and read the error massage why those services are not getting up.
    journalctl and systemctl status will help you with that. A lot of those services also have own loggin files, look in /var/log.
    Also your /etc/fstab seems to be wrong, as he cant swappon.
    The beauty about GNU/Linux is the great debug possibilities. Make use of them!

  • Already tested the SD card

    Test the card with H2testw or f3

    The raspberry was connected in internet by cable eth and I tryed to attach and usb flash drive and a external hdd with ext4 partition.

    Try without connecting anything except the internet. No disks, no monitor.

    After 30min try to connect to your Pi using the information in this post:
    help needed to install on raspberrypi 3b+

  • Hi there,
    I have the exact same issue. My SD card and connection work well (I installed raspbian in that card and works great).

    I did apt upgrade and also found:
    E: Failet to fetch…2~armbian5.38+1_arnhf.deb
    Could not resolve ''

    which seems weird since I can access it from another computer. Maybe the eth0 interface was not properly loaded during booting?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  • Thanks macom for the prompt reply!

    Yes, it seems like a DNS problem. When I ping all packets are lost. When I ping it can not reoslve the name.

    when I do ifconfig, instead of eth0, it shows something like enxb82be...

  • When I ping all packets are lost.


    Try omv-firstaid to configure your network adapter. Use DHCP, no static IP.

    However, if this is a fresh install, probably something went wrong during the initialisation. If it is fresh install, did you strictly follow the instruction on the download page. Especially testing the SD card, patience, internet connection (and additionally, nothing connected to the PI except power and internet)

  • I re-configured the network adapter (DHCP) but no luck. Same result.

    I did follow the instructions. I will start again from scratch and report back.


  • Sadly, the same thing happens. After flashing the SD card again, the OS boots and there are modules that failed to load (Realtek H5 bluetooth, web server, NTFS, swap, etc).

    I wait until the login system comes up:

    openmediavault 4.1.7 (Arrakis) raspberrypi tty1

    to manage the system visit the openmediavault web control panel:

    enxb827...: 142.XX.XX.XX

    I login and change the password.

    I can not ping nonlocal machines. When I try to connect via HTTP, I receive the message unable to connect.

    Any ideas what I can try next?

    Thanks again

  • so... i did another fresh install (flashed the sd card) and waited an hour. same result.

    I tried with another sd card, fresh install. Same result...

    Is there a chance that the image (on the OMV site) for the RPi is faulty?

  • someone can help? any ideia? please =(

    Follow the steps for SBC's in this -> guide. There are translation links to a web page where the PDF can be translated to your language. (Sorry - the screen pictures are in English only.)

    Start on page 24 (in this version).

    Before starting:
    - Using a new SD-card is a good idea.
    - The recommended power supply for a Raspberry Pi 3, is 2.5 amps.
    - Make sure that the Raspberry Pi is hooked up to the internet, with a wired Ethernet connection, before the first boot with the SD-card installed.

    Don't skip steps. This means using the links provided to download the needed utilities.
    Check the image with an md5 hash, before using it.
    Check the SD-card with h2testw1.4

    Follow the order in the guide. If you're not sure about your power supply's capacity, it would be best to not connect a keyboard and monitor.

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