UnionFS Snapraid 1 Parity Disk defekt no data

  • Hi, guys,

    I'm having a weird problem today, and I almost had a heart attack.

    I have 4*4TB data disks and 2*4TB parity disks.

    One of those parity disks broke yesterday. I thought no big deal doing a snapraid check then diff and sync.

    After the reboot I don't see any more data in my pool - I claim the data is still there but I can't verify it because I can't get to the OMV GUI (relogin loop). I think only the snapraid info table or parity file is broken.

    What do you mean ? What can I do ? If one of the parity disks gives up the ghost then everything should still be fine ?!

    *fear is spreading*

  • You need to read the SnapRaid documentation before you make any attempts at recovering anything.

    Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

    OMV AMD64 5.x on ASRock Rack C2550D4I C0 Stepping - 16GB ECC - Silverstone DS380 + Silverstone DS380 DAS Box.

  • I think the problem for login is this but I can’t find a way to get free space on that :

  • Something is filling up the boot drive have a look here is this an independent drive, USB or a partition on one of the larger drives, as this /dev/sde1 3,6T 3,6T 43G 99% /srv/dev-disk-by-label-4TBp2 would suggest that the drive has 2 partitions.

  • It’s a 120GB SSD for Boot how can I clean the sdf1

    Follow that thread there a number of commands you can try from the cli, but the fact that the boot drive is full is preventing you from getting to the GUI.
    As it's docker overlay related that's a good place to start but it may not be the solution as was the case with the thread.

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