Troubleshooting: openmediavault-issue.service takes too long to start up (slow boot)

  • Hello, I'm really happy being a part of OMV community as a user and this is my first post to the forums!

    I'm running the last OMV5 stable with the latest stable updates installed. Last days I'm facing really slow boot to my machine so I gave a #systemd-analyze to translate the problem to numbers

    Startup finished in 8.067s (kernel) + 3min 31.535s (userspace) = 3min 39.602s reached after 3min 31.114s in userspace

    The machine uses HDD if it's not obvious!!

    Continued with a #systemd-analyze blame and I see that the problem is caused by the openmediavault-issue.service

    I don't find normal for this service to take so long to start and with a search I didn't find anything about it.

    Has anyone any idea or a different opinion in comparison with his own boot times?

  • I disabled the service and the server keep working normally. If anyone has additional info about this service and what it does it would be helpful.

  • Does anyone have any idea what the openmediavault-issue service does?

    For me it takes almost 2 minutes to start the openmediavault-issue.

    The same is with rc-local service, takes about 1.5min.

    Both services are exited?

    [LibreELEC @ 2x RPi3, CoreELEC @ S12 Octa Core]

    [ NAS OMV 5.xx (Usul) @ NanoPI M4 ]

    [ Nextcloud 18.0.4 @ ODROID C2 ]

    [ Motioneye @ RPi4]

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